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Not Just For Kids! Why Adults Love Trampoline Parks Too

It’s easy to think of trampoline parks as a place just for children. In reality, there are many adults who frequent the parks for a variety of reasons. Here are just a few of the perks of regularly jumping long past your elementary school days.


We’ve talked before about the health benefits of jumping at the trampoline park. Jumping offers a low-impact workout with a high-calorie burn. While a combination of weight and cardio training will burn between 200 and 400 calories on average, an hour of jumping burns 600 or more. It’s also easy on your joints and has a quick recovery time. The trampoline park is open year-round, so unlike seasonal sports or outdoor exercise, it offers a consistent source of challenging and effective exercise.

Friendly Competition

If you’re getting tired of golf, racquetball, and tennis, maybe it’s time to find a more exciting source for friendly competition. Trampoline parks offer a wide variety of ways to compete, whether it’s jumping into the foam pit, a game of dodgeball, or a slam dunk contest on the basketball hoops. Bring a friend and get your fill of athletic competition all in one spot at your local trampoline park.

Great Family Time

Too often, “family activities” really only appeal to the younger members of the family. Thankfully, trampoline parks don’t have that problem. Jumping is truly fun for all ages, from toddlers to teens to parents. At Hangar, we even have a designated area for the smallest jumpers so that adults and teens don’t have to worry about hurting little ones while they have fun. It’s a family day that everyone can look forward to.

An Affordable Hobby

Hobbies get expensive quickly. There may be supplies, equipment, fees, dues, or storage required. Trampoline parks offer a great alternative. Whether you are a new jumper, a pro bouncer, or somewhere in between, you can find a regular, enjoyable activity at Hangar trampoline parks. Become a member and jump as much as you like. Because the park is indoors, your sessions won’t be cut short by weather, and you can jump as little or as long as you’d like each day. It’s the perfect flexible and affordable hobby.

Kids definitely love it at Hangar trampoline parks, but we have a lot to offer to adults as well. Great exercise, challenging games, affordable prices, and genuine fun will meet you when you jump. Come visit us today!