Why Teens Love Hangar Trampoline Park

Kids have energy – and it’s easy to forget through the haze of hormones and friend-drama that teens are kids, too. Getting a good workout is helpful for people of all ages but especially good for teens. There are many reasons that teenagers love Hangar Trampoline Park, and so many more reasons that their parents also love us.

Get a Workout

We keep talking about how great a workout jumping is, and that’s because it’s so true! Jumping is a great way to burn calories and burn off excess energy that otherwise might manifest into misbehavior and acting out.

Teens can jump and get in exercise the same way you get them to eat their vegetables by covering those veggies in cheese. If you make it more enjoyable, your child’s 100% more likely to do something that’s also good for them, like working out.

They Can Hang Out With Their Friends

Our trampoline park is a great place for teens to hang out with their friends in a safe, monitored environment. You can have the peace of mind knowing that your child is safe at the trampoline park with their friends.

We always have staff on hand to monitor the jump zone and make sure that all our participants are engaging in a safe, healthy way. We want everyone to have fun and respect each other’s space and safety.

Hangar Trampoline Park Is Cool With the Kids

You’re going to be a star parent when you bring your teenager and their friends to the trampoline park. It’s a great place to hang out and make memories. Kids of all ages love to jump, play, be silly, show off in front of their friends, and enjoy each other’s company.

If you want to double up on your cool points with your kids, invest in a membership for your teenager so that if they ever need something to do during the summer a quick trip to the trampoline park can be an affordable afternoon out with their friends.

Most teenagers are notoriously bad at making last-minute plans and communicating. Help keep things fun and stress-free by enjoying the trampoline park together, with or without a membership!

They Can Build Up Strength for Other Hobbies

Many teenagers already have current hobbies and extracurricular activities. Jumping at the trampoline park can help maintain or build strength so that they can enjoy their other hobbies. If your child loves a hobby that’s stationary, like playing an instrument or creating art, keep them strong physically with jumping. If your child has an active lifestyle, jumping can be a way to help them get in some extra cardio in a way that’s easy on their joints.


Being a teenager is incredibly stressful. In the most literal way, their fight or flight response is still actively developing – hence the penchant for “teenage drama.” As if developing brain activity isn’t hard enough, there are the challenges of being in middle and high school and trying to fit in. For some teenagers, this is easier than others. There are still more teenagers who are bullied and have an incredibly hard time in school.

One of the best ways to help cope with stress is to make sure you get in a good workout. Help your child sort through their stress in a way that lets them embrace still being a kid. Jumping can help them work out stress and feel better.

Your Teen Will Enjoy Hangar Trampoline Park

Happy kids make for happy parents, so if your teen would benefit from a trampoline park visit or a Hangar Trampoline Park membership, don’t hesitate to call us. You can call at (951) 999-4896 or visit us online to buy a membership today.