Why a Trampoline Park Is a Great Place for Your Special Needs Child

One of the biggest perks of a trampoline park is its appeal to all ages and skill-levels of jumpers. But what about families with children or adults with different or special needs? As long as your loved one can physically jump, Hangar Trampoline Parks is an excellent place for a fun day together. In fact, physical and occupational therapists regularly use trampolines with their clients. Referred to as “rebound therapy,” bouncing is used to help people with disabilities such as Down syndrome, autism, and cerebral palsy, as well as children with emotional, sensory, and attention challenges. Here are some benefits that a trampoline park can offer to a child with unique emotional, physical, and behavioral needs.

Build the Body

Jumping on a trampoline builds physical and motor skills. It allows for large movements while improving balance and coordination. The repetitive movement teaches the body how to read and interpret the signals it may struggle to recognize or understand. Bouncing on a trampoline builds the large muscles in the legs and core, increasing muscle tone and fitness levels. Internally, rebounding detoxifies the body by promoting a healthy lymphatic system and adrenal glands.

Build the Mind

Trampolines strengthen more than just the body. The mind gets its own workout. Bouncing encourages the brain to process and organize incoming sensory information. This addresses the struggle of many individuals with special needs to integrate sensory information. This includes the vestibular system, or inner ear, which supports balance and spatial awareness.

Relieve Stress

Many individuals with special needs feel high levels of anxiety and need tools to cope with that stress. The movement of bouncing up and down on a trampoline can provide relief of tension and anxiety. The jumping motion also releases endorphins, allowing the jumper to feel calmer and more positive.

Choose the Best Time for You

No matter how beneficial an activity is for a person with special needs, the effect is lost if the environment is wrong. If a venue is too crowded, too loud, or too busy, the sensory input can be overwhelming. Thankfully, an activity like jumping at Hangar Trampoline Parks allows you to visit when the trampolines are less crowded and the whole setting is calmer. Unlike scheduled activities with many attendees, a trampoline park has a wide variety of times to visit, giving you the opportunity to plan your trip for the time that best suits your needs.

We mean it when we at Hangar say that everyone is welcome. Individuals with special needs can build their physical stamina, stimulate their minds, and relieve stress on our trampolines, all while having a great time with friends and family. You can schedule your visit to best fit your family’s needs (check out our hours here). We look forward to seeing you soon.