4 Ways To Get A Trampoline Workout

A session on a trampoline can burn more than 1,000 calories per hour. Holy cow! That’s a lot of calories for such a whimsical, fun workout. If you don’t believe us, here are four different areas of your body that you can work out on a trampoline. We even threw in a few workout ideas to get your creative juices flowing!

Leg Day Workout

Obviously, one of the biggest benefits of trampoline workouts is to your legs. You’re pumping away and trying to launch yourself higher and higher. All the tricks that you want to try to do include a basic bounce that uses your legs. 

If you want to try to up the ante, try bringing your knees to your chest when you’re up in the air! It’ll give you a full leg workout and use all parts of your legs. It’s also a lot of fun. Don’t forget to get them back down fast enough to make a smooth landing.


If you’ve ever jumped on a trampoline you know that your arms tend to have a mind of their own. Elevate that workout by doing jumping jack-style maneuvers. You can pump your arms straight up while jumping for an even more strenuous workout. You could also try sticking them straight out and rotating them in small circles while you jump to get in an extra few calories burned! Just remember to keep your balance, as your arms help with that.


There are throngs of people who hate core work. Remember sit-ups? A lot of people hate them. Jumping on a trampoline is a fun core workout because it isn’t the only system you’re working on. Your core is helping you get all those basic jumps down. But you’re also working that core muscle set when you try to execute even the simplest of tricks. Even holding your balance on a trampoline requires core strength!

Neck and Shoulders

Trying to land cool tricks is a great workout for your shoulders and neck. Handstands are a great way to work out your shoulders, arms, and core all at once! If you can land a few tricks and remember to have great form, you’ll be on your way to a killer workout. 

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